Cottage In The Park…The Series®

Atlanta Author Woos Children of All Ages with Nature Stories

Debbie Rankin delights young readers with her entertaining and beautifully illustrated books, Sweet Pea aka Hot Shot, The Squirrel Who Almost Stole Halloween, Butch the Blue Jay and Warbie. A resident of Marietta and a lover of nature, her stories come from the adventures she has gathered while observing the many animal characters that have graced her gardens over the years.


Sweet Pea aka Hot Shot

Delighting young readers on the go as an e-reader, the 4th book in her Cottage In The Park…The Series ® LLC, tells the story of a baby squirrel who finds herself in frightening trouble and seeking help from the Cottage proprietors.

Butch the Blue Jay

Butch and I became best friends the day this baby Blue Jay fell from his nest. What happened over the next weeks was pure magic as this tiny bird showed me determination and bravery I will never forget.

The Squirrel Who Almost Stole Halloween

This is one of the funniest experiences at the Cottage. Wink, the official Halloween greeter, had an experience two days before this night of tricks or treats; an experience that involved a very mischievous Squirrel named Gabby. Wink will tell you all about it.


If birds could speak our language, can you imagine the stories they could tell about migration? Warbie is one such bird who is on her first 2,000 + miles migration path from Connecticut to the Caribbean Islands when a storm drops her in Marietta. Join Mr. Dee, the Chickadee and Warbie as they share this adventure. Ta- wit, ta wit, ta wit t-ee yo!

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